A PR-bridge we make between man and man,
We call you to our fold, join us if you can.

We have to fill these towns, villages and lanes, With the bright refulgence of new life- Like a refrain we repeat this pledge of ours.

A PR-bridge, a PR-bridge…

We have to pull out darkness from every home.

The prison-house of hypocrisies we must break,
May our truth-spouting pen never rest for a little while!

A PR-bridge, a PR-bridge…

Keeping pace with every step,
May men and women march ahead!

May the knowledge, insights new;
Scale the heights unreached so far!
Each moment, every hour,
This message we have to dispense.

A PR-bridge, a PR-bridge…  

English rendering: Dr. Narendra Sharma ‘Kusum’

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