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PRSI Jaipur Chapter Honors Honorable Dr Ajit Pathak on his Birthday

Jaipur, December 18, 2023 – The Public Relations Society of India (PRSI), Jaipur Chapter is delighted to announce the successful birthday celebration of our esteemed Honorable National President, Dr. Ajit Pathak. The event, organized by the PRSI Jaipur Chapter, was a heartfelt tribute to commemorate Dr. Pathak’s dedication and leadership in public relations.

The birthday celebration occurred on Saturday, December 16 2023, at the Youth Hostel in Janpath, Jaipur. PRSI members, distinguished guests, and industry professionals gathered to express gratitude and appreciation for Dr. Pathak’s remarkable contributions. The event commenced with warm wishes, speeches, and accolades highlighting Dr. Pathak’s significant achievements in advancing the field of public relations.

PRSI Jaipur Chapter Chairman, Mr Ravi Shanker Sharma, expressed his gratitude to Dr Pathak, stating, “The birthday celebration was an excellent opportunity to honour and acknowledge the exceptional leadership of Dr Ajit Pathak. Under his guidance, PRSI has witnessed tremendous growth and has become a driving force in promoting ethical and effective communication strategies. We are grateful for his unwavering dedication and commitment to the PRSI.”

Dr. Pathak expressed his gratitude for the warm wishes and heartfelt messages he received on this special occasion. He emphasized the importance of collaboration and unity within the public relations community, urging all members to strive for excellence and foster meaningful connections.

The event, organized by the PRSI Jaipur Chapter, witnessed the presence of notable dignitaries, including Mr Govind Pareek (Vice Chairman), Mr Devi Singh Naruka (Secretary), and executive members, namely Mr S S Harsana, Mr Jae Deo Sharma, Mr Ram Phool Gurjar, Mr Hari Charan Singhal, and Mr Lokesh Sharma, & Senior PRSI members Sh. Kalyan Singh Kothari and other members.

The event was memorable and joyous, with attendees appreciating the opportunity to network and strengthen professional relationships. The celebration not only honoured Dr Pathak but also served as a platform to discuss current trends and challenges in the field of public relations.

Devi Singh Naruka (Secretary) extend sincere thanks to all those who contributed to the success of this event, including PRSI members, media personnel, and supporters. Their presence and support have been instrumental in making this celebration successful.

About PRSI:
The Public Relations Society of India (PRSI) is a professional body dedicated to promoting the principles and practices of public relations in India. With a diverse membership base that includes professionals from various industries, PRSI strives to enhance its stature.

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