Remembrance of Dr.Manohar Prabhakar by PRSI Jaipur Chapter

Remembrance of Dr.Manohar Prabhakar by PRSI Jaipur Chapter

Organized a Memorial Lecture ” Media: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Friday 10th June was the fifth death anniversary of the late Dr. Manohar Prabhakar, a renowned literature author, journalist, and former Director of Information and Public Relations Department of Rajasthan Government.

Jaipur Chapter of the Public Relations Society of India (PRSI) organised a memorial lecture to pay tribute to him on this occasion.

Dr. Prabhakar was the founder and Chairman of the PRSI Jaipur Chapter. He also composed a PR song

Eminent journalist Shri Tribhuvan delivered an interesting, exploratory, and thought-provoking lecture titled ‘Media Scenario: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’. He said that the media is dominated by the market. As long as the media is published and broadcast only on the basis of advertisements, then the talk of media freedom is meaningless.

Before this lecture, Dr. • Narendra Sharma Kusum who was very closed to Dr. Prabhakar remembered him for his poetic speech. He said that Dr. Prabhakar is proficient in all genres of literature.

The program was presided over by Dr. Amar Singh Rathod, former Director of Information and Public Relations Department, Government of Rajasthan. He said that Dr. Prabhakar was a literary personality of high order with sublime human qualities.

Dr. Durgaprasad Agarwal eminent literature shared his memoirs with Sr. Manohar Prabhakar.

Dr. Prabhakar’s daughter Prof. Sarita Prabhakar also presented a tearful remembrance to her father.

Along with the members of PRSI, many eminent intellectuals and Dr. Prabhakar’s family members and their intimates were present in the programme

Chairman of PRSI Jaipur Chapter Shri Ravi Shanker Sharma welcomed the guests and threw light on the background of the programme. Secretary Shri Devisingh Naruka expressed gratitude to guests and participants.

The program was conducted by noted theater artist Mr. Ashok Rahi.

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