Observance of cancer Awareness

cancer awareness

Dear Colleagues,

Greetings from the National Council !

I am writing today with a specific purpose.
Cancer is expected to rank as the leading cause of death and the single most important barrier to increasing life expectancy in every country of the world in the 21st century. According to estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2015, cancer is the first or second leading cause of death before the age of 70 years . Across the world , cancer is becoming the biggest threat to the human life as it is mostly diagnosed at a later stage of the disease.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in economically developed countries and the second leading cause of death in developing countries.

Cancer survival tends to be poorer in developing countries, most likely because of a combination of a late stage at diagnosis and limited access to timely and standard treatment. A substantial proportion of the worldwide burden of cancer could be prevented through the application of existing cancer control knowledge and by implementing programs for tobacco control, vaccination (for liver and cervical cancers), and early detection and treatment, as well as public health campaigns promoting physical activity and a healthier dietary intake.

With a Vision to be the beacon of hope against cancer, Cancer Society of India and a number of voluntary organisations work to create awareness that cancer is preventable and curable. They are also engaged in facilitating early detection of cancer.

Emotional support and medical aid to cancer patients and promotion of cancer survivorship programmes can give a great feeling of care , concern and love to the cancer patients.

Now, we all know that Cancer is a growing global threat and prevention is the key. We the members of the Public Relations Society of India across the country appreciate the need to promote prevention through meaningful awareness about the diseases, its causes and symptoms. We have taken up such issues of national concern and humanity in the past. World Cancer Day is observed across the globe on February 4 to raise awareness about cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment. I take this opportunity to request all the chapters to observe February 2020 as the Cancer awareness month and organise various awareness programmes for different target audience. Welfare campaigns for cancer patients and various competitions to highlight the issue can also be taken up. You may join hands with the local Cancer Societies, hospitals and NGOs to achieve the mission of this social good.

I am forwarding to you a poster which I have created for PRSI. You may take enlarged printouts and release in your programme. A few copies may also please be distributed to hospitals, colleges, schools and offices.

Let us make collective efforts to contribute our bit for this human cause !



National President
Public Relations Society of India

Ex General Manager I/C [ Corporate Communications , Admin & Welfare]
Indian Oil Corpn Ltd
E 504, IndianOil Aptts,
C 58/23, Sector Noida 201301
Mobile : ‪9899000565
E Mail : drajitpathak2002@yahoo.com


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