42nd National PR Day

National PR Day on 21st April 2019

Public Relations Society of India ( PRSI ) Jaipur Chapter is organising  “National PR Day” on Sunday, 21 April 2019 in Jaipur.

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5 th April, 2019

Dear Friends,

Greetings for a meaningful National Public Relations Day !

Every year, we the Public Relations and communication professionals across the country celebrate April 21st as National PR Day , under the umbrella of Public Relations Society of India to re-dedicate ourselves for professional Public Relations. The Public Relations Society of India (PRSI) was established in 1958 to promote and strengthen Public Relations as a profession by taking-up professional development programmes . A decade later, PR professionals from all over the country met for the first time in New Delhi at the 1st All India Public Relations Conference on April 21, 1968. Code of Ethics for PR profession was also adopted at this Conference, marking the beginning of professional public relations in India . In 1986, April 21 was declared as the National PR Day and we re-dedicate ourselves to the cause of Public Relations and to scale-up professionalism in all our endeavors.

All these years we have been celebrating National P R Day on the themes relevant to the nation and the
profession. Previous years we have had the themes of ‘ Salutations to the Indian Armed Forces’ and ‘ Elect the best ‘ . All our chapters collectively voiced the issues and created a very positive impact.

This year when we celebrate the National P R Day, the largest democracy would be having general elections across the country. This time largest number of youth would be voting who are first time voters
and will be playing decisive role in forming the government. Over 500 million youth will vote in India , including 15 million for the first time. If we introspect, we find that we are moving away from the value based politics and political parties are willing to sacrifice national interests to earn immediate political mileage.

At this time when the politics has reached its worst to make allegations on each other , ignoring country’s interest , media and Public Relations will have to act to create awareness about the vital need of the country to respect the values of democracy.

Press Council of India has also issued guidelines to be followed during the elections :

  1. It will be the duty of the Press to give objective reports about elections and the candidates. The newspapers are not expected to indulge in unhealthy election campaigns, exaggerated reports about any candidate/party or incident during the elections. In practice, two or three closely contesting candidates attract all the media attention. While reporting on the actual campaign, a newspaper may not leave out any important point raised by a candidate and make an attack on his or her opponent.
  2. Election campaign along communal or caste lines is banned under the election rules. Hence, the Press should eschew reports, which tend to promote feelings of enmity or hatred between people on the ground of religion, race, caste, community or language.
  3. The Press should refrain from publishing false or critical statements in regard to the personal character and conduct of any candidate or in relation to the candidature or withdrawal of any candidate or his candidature, to prejudice the prospects of that candidate in the elections. The Press shall not publish unverified allegations against any candidate/party
    1. The Press shall not accept any kind of inducement, financial or otherwise, to project a candidate/party. It shall not accept hospitality or other facilities offered to them by or on behalf of any candidate/party.
    2. The Press is not expected to indulge in canvassing of a particular candidate/party. If it does, it shall allow the right of reply to the other candidate/party.
    3. The Press shall not accept/publish any advertisement at the cost of public exchequer regarding achievements of a party/ government in power.

Public Relations is the fifth estate of the democracy creating harmony among all the pillars and accordingly, the Public Relations Society of India has decided to observe National P R Day on the theme:

Political Parties may have their own philosophies and agendas but need of the country is to have consensus on basic national agenda on which all the political parties should be one voice and no political ambition or strategy should impact the national agenda. Awareness to appreciate one agenda and one voice should be lauded highlighting following issues:

  1. No compromise on national security and total faith and support to Indian Army.
  2. No criminal to be elected in Parliament.
  3. No alignment with anti- national forces by any means.
  4. No action which will demean reputation of mother India and her integrity.
  5. Select and elect the best irrespective of caste, religion, language and vested interests.

Editors, Journalists, Academicians and thinkers should be invited as guest speakers and State Governors should be explored to be our Chief Guests. Political leaders should be avoided. Various competitions can be organised for youth . Road shows and nukkad Nataks can also be organised involving media / PR students . All chapter leaders should ensure public and media visibility.

All the best for yet another great National Public Relations Day !

Dr Ajit Pathak

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